Author: John Nieves

Robotic X-37B Space Plane on a New Mysterious Mission Launched by Space Force

On May 17th, the mysterious X-37B had a successful launch for its sixth mission from Florida. Riding on top of a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket, it blasted off at 9:14 in the morning EDT. There was a 24-hour delay with the launch due to poor weather conditions. It is still a secret what Read More

Crowds of Ancient Bacteria Found Living Underneath the Seafloor of the South Pacific

Scientists were shocked to discover massed colonies of bacteria thriving on pieces of organic matter under 100-million-year-old rocks deep in the South Pacific seafloor. One study discovered 10 billion organisms with a single cell crammed in a 1-cubic-centimeter space which is similar to the density of bacteria in the human stomach. Since the samples were Read More

Ancient Greece’s Incredible Astronomical Breakthroughs

The planets go around the sun The earliest heliocentric theory of the solar system explained that the sun was the central fire  and the planets are positioned in the right order with distance around it. Aristarchus of Samos, the one who developed this idea, could have assumed that since the sun was larger than the Read More

Explanation Provided for the Odd Movement of Yellowstone Landmark

A large strip of grass at the Yellowstone National Park has been erratically rising and falling for over 20 years. According to a new study, this is because of wayward magma. Since the magma has been active for a long time since 2000, it has lifted the Norris Geyser Basin for almost 13 centimeters. In Read More

Having Lockdowns Could Alternately Help Control the Spread of COVID-19 Virus

To control the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing is highly encouraged. Nevertheless, the measures taken have devastated the economy due to months of lockdown. A study presents a potential method to fight the spread of the virus without causing too much economic depression. The study suggests that 50 days of total lockdown and a month of Read More

What You Need to Know About Yeast and How to Make It

More and more people have become interested in baking because of the lockdown. Therefore, yeast has become a must-have item in their kitchens. Yeasts are organisms with a single-cell which belong to the fungus family. Currently, there are more than 1,500 species of these organisms on Earth. Despite the fact that they only have a Read More

Plague Doctors: Who Were They?

During the later medieval and early modern times, doctors did not represent themselves in one outfit. Because there were various beliefs about the spread of plague, their clothing and treatment methods had also changed. Care and prevention from the plague were provided by doctors, surgeons, apothecaries, herbalists, midwives, priests, and barbers. In an era of Read More